Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Diaper Stash is now complete......... for now

I'm done. I now have way more then enough diapers for both babies and an efficient storage / display method for them all. And of course, I have to share.

Here is my Stash, changetable / dresser and spanky storage cube system DH installed for me.

Some of this stuff will go into the top drawer of the change table once it's fixed. This crib and change table have been through a few kids and one of the rollers on the drawer needs to be replaced...... I'll get to it eventually.

Here is a close up of all the storage cubes, my MIL had this little shelf unit thing in her store years ago, and it works great for diaper storage.
Front top to bottom, right to left I have Small covers, All in Ones, Medium covers, medium Gdiapers, Newborn covers, newborn prefolds, infant prefolds, pockets, small G inserts, more newborn prefolds, more infant prefolds, med/large g inserts, small gdiapers, small fitteds, medium fitteds, large gdiapers.

A close up so you can get the full effect of just how much I like my labeler. Everything is labeled in order to make it easier for Daddy or baby sitters or anyone else.

Of course I have way more diapers then what actually fit in the storage cubes, so the extra's go in the top drawer.
Left to right I have medium fitteds, extra newborn and infant prefolds, small fitteds, flats, and toddler prefolds.

This is where I keep all the assorted diaper accessories like extra gdiaper liners, fleece liners, wet bags and what not.

Again labeled for Daddy.

I love my diaper addiction.

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