Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can't Wait to Quest again!

I hope all of you participated in the first ever Green Quiz Quest. If not you missed out on an incredibly fun oppurtunity to win a ton of great prizes but don't despair I hear there are plans in the works for the second Quest to begin in Januray 2011.

"What is a green quiz quest?" you ask. Well simply put it is a "green" product scavenger hunt. Quest sponsers submit riddles which lead to a specific product or page on their website, it's up to the "seekers" to figure out the riddle and find the product page marked with the "riddle solved" badge. Once a seeker finds the pages, the URLs are submitted and as long as 80% are correct answers the seeker gets an entry for the awesome prize packages. This quest had a grand prize with an estimated value of over $1300 including cloth diapers, wipes, green cleaning products, reusable lunch bags, mama cloth, wetbags, even reuable glass drinking straws!

I had a blast trying to figure out the riddles, some where easy and some not. I got my mom involved and even my husband started trying to solve a few. I learned about a bunch of products that are availible and a few things I had to buy. Waiting for the winners to be announced on the facebook fan page was the best part, even my son was practically vibrating off his chair as I refreshed the screen every 10 seconds.

So long story short if you missed the first quest make sure you don't miss the second. I can't wait for January.

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