Saturday, March 13, 2010

Human Again... I think

Oh what a day. 10:00 Thursday night I started to feel ill, threw up and went to bed, 45minutes later back up vomiting, 25minutes later sick again. Every 15 - 30 minutes from there on. Finally at 6:00am I decided DH should take me into the hospital. All was fine with baby but I could already feel how dehydrated I was. They pushed 1/2 L of saline and gave me a graval, another 1/2 L of saline and I managed to sleep for an hour. Even after 1L of fliuds I was still thirsty. Thank God DH took the day off work and kept the kids busy, I slept all day and night and now I think I'm human again, for sure the worst is over but I'm still afraid to eat.......

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