Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stripping diapers with RLR

My latest shipment of diaper paraphernalia arrived today (well yesterday if I hadn't been in the hospital with an IV in my arm)A new pail liner, some new to me prefolds and 5 little packets of RLR.

For those of you who don't know what RLR is, it's a laundry treatment made by Cadie, and I had heard from many a cloth diapering mam that it works wonders to remove buildup on diapers. You just throw it in the washer with your clean diapers and run a hot wash with no detergent and rinse until there are no bubbles left in the water.

I have been battling stink with my bamboo fitteds for a little while, they were fine during the day but when we used them overnight they would have the worst ammonia stink come morning. I had tried my regular 3 hot washes with no soap method of stripping them but it wasn't helping so I ordered the RLR. I figured I would split up the diapers and first run just my fitteds, microfiber gdiaper inserts and the few AIO's I have in the first load, I threw all the clean dipes in the washer dumped the little packet of white powder on top and started up the washer. Keep in mind all of these diapers where recently washed in hot water 3 times with no soap and there were no bubbles in the washer.

Here's what I got by the time the rinse was about to start.

I scooped out all the extra bubbles and then continued to run 2 rinses and then another 2 full wash and double rinse cycles until all the bubbles were gone, all the diapers came out of the washer without a hint of stink.

Next I ran a load of prefolds, none of these had any stink issues, but I figured just in case I might as well run them through with the RLR too.

And those were the diapers that (I thought) had no buildup. Now I need to find a Canadian retailer for RLR if anyone knows of one with good shipping I would love to know.


  1. I am also having the same problem with my fitteds as well. Did the RLR completely get rid of the Ammonia smell from your overnight diapers? I've heard great things about RLR, but have not tried it as I have a FL too.

    I am a Canadian retailer, and I'll track some down if it worked for you!

  2. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Yes the RLR got rid of the ammonia smell from the overnight diapers, it was amazing. Now I have the problem back because our water is soooooooo hard right now and I have to order some more. I have the Canadian Distributer information if you would like to carry it in your store, you should be able to send me an email directly and I will pass the name and number on to you.

  3. Hi Jan,

    Can't find your email address. If you could send me the info at julie(at)littlemonkeystore(dot)com, I would greatly appreciate it! Just received a few packs from the Nappy Shoppe, so will be spending my long weekend RLR-ing!

  4. Just bought RLR yesterday at the Metro in Oakville, ON. I heard that Sobey's sells it out West. It is here though, it has both the English and French labelling.

  5. Nice posting about stripping diapers. The diapers washed in hot water 3 times with no soap and there were no bubbles in the washer. Thanks...

    Overnight Adult Diapers

  6. Belly Laughs in Ottawa sells RLR. They have a flat rate shipping of $9.95